Hire Desi Media as Your Music Marketing Manager to enhance your growth



Once you are ready to hire Music Marketing Manager, you should first consider your Goals and strength as an artist, brand or music business. Prepare your short and long term goals with your personal strength as a creator? There is a wave of Millennial Artists, Brands and Music Businesses continue to take shape in 2017, and new Singers are entering into the industry with more than just a few talents in their bunker.

You can Find or access a lot of Endless information online which helps a growing pool of new artist seeking to enhance their musical skill sets from the producer/artist combination to engineer/Artist/producer combinations. But you need marketing Manager who will help to develop those skill sets in strategies planning, organic growth, setting promotion goals and reaching them with confidence. DESI MEDIA will contribute to growing your brand online, having a professional website and monetizing your music/product which will take your Goal to the next level within a short period.

Having DESI MEDIA as your music marketing manager is one of the strongest and strategic weapons a musician can have in 2017 and continue moving forward in this digital ERA. Our Staff of Manager is leading artists in their field with the highest level of trust in their fields. DESI MEDIA overall mission is growing your business and brand through online promotions like website designing, Social Media Marketing, and Music promotion Services. Our Trained and professional Managers will help to get the relevant audience and implement strategies to your business with guaranteed growth.


For pricing, please fill up the form and our Experts will contact you for detailed pricing. We have 3-12 month plans available which will increase your brand and service.

Our DUTIES Involves

  •    Develop the social media marketing
  •   Design the website
  •   Discuss your goals and key focuses
  •   All organic and strategic results
  •   All organic and strategic approach
  •   Choose your length of management for a better result.

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Terms and Conditions:

With all our packages you will get access to DESI MEDIA music manager with full of industry knowledge who will help to grow your business online effectively. Your Allocated Manager will contact you by phone for 1-hour detail consultation to understand your business requirements and your goals. Your Marketing Manager will setup your budget for your selected goals and helps to achieve your result more effectively.